Tuesday, 25 September 2012


The BIA is the secret government agency that Serena works at. The BIA stands for the British Intelligence Agency, and is one of the most secretive organisations in the world. Only when the United Kingdoms fully trust an allied country do they allow the secret knowledge of this agency to be known.

While the purpose MI5 is to protect the UK at home and MI6 abroad, the BIA protects other countries from their riotous civilians, such as a rich and violent crazy person. When these civilians go on the run from the UK security services, they tend to go to large countries such as Russia, America and China where agents will have to follow them, usually undercover, to arrest them and bring them home; a similar task to Interpol. However at the same time, if the security services fail to convict civilians while still in the UK, the BIA will go undercover to reveal the illegal activity. These sorts of missions usually include drug cartels, human trafficking and heavily armed fights.

The BIA was the first secret service to involve a teen sector, which started in the 1970's after a series of drug rings throughout schools where it was necessary to engage a group of well-trained teenagers. A shining student is watched throughout primary school and prep school, and if they show potential, they are given a scholarship to a secondary school such as St Aloysius School in Hastings, a school built to integrate young spies with the outside world. After a few weeks, the student is asked into the headmaster's office, where they will be interviewed by the Head of the BIA himself. The parents of the child will never be involved.

Mr Boot, the headmaster of St Aloysius, was one of the first teen sector spies of the first team, and chose to leave the espionage business, but not the BIA. He continues to help his ex-employers by keeping an eye on the current spies. St Aloysius is one of eighteen schools across southern England which has been created for the BIA, but to most people these are simply ordinary public secondary schools. However, each of these schools will contain no more than ten teen spies at one time.

As far as Serena knows, the BIA is the only secret service in the world to use teenagers as assets, and therefore prides herself on being very select and special. Each spy tends to have their own unique skill which makes them invaluable to the BIA, such as Serena's ability to read people's body language and tone of voice to understand them and to read lies.

Please note that the BIA is not a real secret service, at least not to my knowledge, and the information on this page is fully of my own imagining. The BIA was once the Border and Immigration Agency for the UK but is now defunct.

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