Thursday, 11 October 2012

Everyone Has A Book Inside Them

Who takes the time to stare around a big, old library and really count the number of books piled up within? In a library you're bound to have more than 100,000 books stashed along the walls, and that's not even 1% of the total amount of books that exist in the world today. 

Literature has been one of the world's most popular and lasting art for thousands of years, preceded only by music. Every book must have an author and there are billions of names out there attached to the literary masterpieces. Some of these names are fake, of course, and many names have long since passed away, but their works live on.

Now I know I often go on about how much I hate it when celebrities come out with this or that book... For God's sake, who wants to read Justin Bieber's autobiography? I mean he's eighteen. Nothing's happened in his life yet worth noting! However for the most part, intellectual celebrities like Stephen Fry and David Attenborough come out with very interesting and entertaining books. Therefore, I shouldn't generalize celebrities into such a large category as many are educated and intelligent individuals who have the potential to write a startling and intriguing book. 

To be honest, anyone who has a story inside of them, who wants to write for the right reasons, who HAS to write for their own sanity should grab a laptop or a pad of paper and set to it. Everyone has two sides of the brain, the creative side and the logical side. Certainly there are people out there who neglect to use their logical side, but everyone has the means to produce a great art. Everyone has a book inside of them.

Candace Bushnell said that 'A writer must be fearless. A writer has to be like a clawed animal', and of course that is the same for anything you want to do in life. You have to fight for what you believe in, so you can't just sit back and imagine that if you dream about the possibility for long enough the story will write itself. You need to make your dream a reality. 

I've heard a lot of people say that they'd love to write a book, that they have the idea for something big, and a lot of the time I agree with them. Therefore I don't understand why they don't just go for it. Maybe its just not the right time at the moment; they're trying to get a new job, they have young kids, they're moving house, going on holiday, snowed under with work... The list is endless. To that I say 'enough'. If you work really hard, you can get about 700 words in half an hour. That's all it takes! If you're really dedicated to your ideas and you feel the need to write, then set aside half an hour a day for that. By the time you reach your 100th day, your manuscript can be considered a novella, and after that you just keep on trucking until it's done. 

One of my favorite quotes about writers is this: 
I spoke fire, laughed smoke,and madness
spilled forth from my inspiration.
Arthur Holitscher

In other news, I found this amazing clip on Youtube, which has absolutely nothing to do with writing or novels at all, but it touched my heart so deeply, and I've watched it about twenty times. It makes me really think about life, which is so rare in today's crazy society. I decided I just have to share this with you, so tell me what you think!
I'm listening to it again now... 

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  1. The speech was really beautiful... Wasn't it from the Great Dictator?